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How to set up an SFTP integration

You can automate your user management at Verbate with SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). Rather than manually providing us with a list of your employee data, you can set up a recurring data transfer of your employee information from your HRIS to Verbate.

How SFTP Works

Many HRIS solutions can be configured to automatically generate a CSV of your employee data and send it to the Verbate SFTP server. If you’re unsure of whether or not your HRIS provider can support this functionality, get in touch with the Verbate team and we can help you find out.

If you want to set up an SFTP integration, a Verbate team member will provide you with the credentials and instructions needed to set up the integration.

After the first file is transferred, a technical contact at your company will need to reach out to us and let us know so that we can ensure that the file is in the correct format.

Once we’re able to confirm that the file has transferred properly, the SFTP set up is complete! You can control how often you send us the file to auto-upload, and the process will be completely automated from here on out.

Setting up the SFTP Connection

In order for your team to use SFTP, we’ll need to set up a unique path for your team to send your user files. In order to set this up:

  1. We’ll need the email address of an IT Admin that can receive the username and password for our SFTP. This Admin should have admin permissions for your HRIS software.
  1. Verbate will create a path for your company on our SFTP server, and initiate a connection with your company’s account.

The SFTP Credentials

Your IT Admin will want to set up an automated upload of your user list to the Verbate SFTP, which requires that they use our SFTP’s credentials. They are as follows:


username: to be provided by Verbate (can be updated)

password: to be provided by Verbate (can be updated)

port: 22

destination: /

File Formatting

The file that you upload must be uploaded as a .csv and contain the following headers, and no footers (header names below in bold below):

User First Name: FIRST

User Last Name: LAST

User Email Address: EMAIL

If your team would like additional information included in your user’s accounts, talk to your Verbate Account Manager.

File Name: [Company Name] - User List [MM-DD-YYYY]

Confirming your Upload

To confirm that your SFTP file was uploaded successfully, you can see a list of your successful uploads within the Program Hub:

  1. Navigate to the Program Hub → Program Settings
  1. See the “User List Management” table, which contains a list of all of your updated user lists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SFTP formatting case sensitive?

A: No, the headers are not case sensitive.

Q: What format should my file be formatted in?

A: Files must be in .csv format in order to be uploaded into the system.

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