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Creating ERG Lead Content

What should I use ERG Lead Content for?

There are often resources and communications that company and HR/DEI leadership wants to share with all or some ERG Leads. If you don’t use a platform like Verbate to manage your ERGs, this information is usually shared via email, Slack, or some other “highly likely to get lost” platform.

Verbate’s Lead Content tool makes communicating that information easy, and storing it for future use even easier.

Content can be created by a Program Manager for either all ERG Leads or specific ERG Leads, which makes targeted or broad communication easy. Once the content has been created, it can be viewed in the ERG Lead Hub, which is a tab within the ERG page.


For a Program Manager to create ERG Lead Content,

  1. Navigate to the Program Manager Hub and click the Content tab
  1. Click “+ Add New”
  1. Define the Content Name, Type, and Permissions.
    1. If you want the content to be viewed by all ERG Leads, leave the permissions dropdown box blank.
    2. If you want it to be viewed by specific ERGs, select the ERGs who should be able to view it. You can select multiple ERGs for the same piece of content.
  1. Create the content you’d like to share in the Rich Text Field. Feel free to copy and paste from existing Google Docs, as any markdown-based formatting should carry over.
  1. Provide any relevant links or attachments.
  1. Click “Save”
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