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Create an ERG


To add a new ERG to your company, you must be a Program Manager. To manage your program managers, please contact your Verbate Support Manager.


To add an ERG,

  1. Navigate to “ERGs” in the navigation bar
  1. Click the “+ Add New” button
  1. Fill out the “Create an Employee Resource Group” form, ensuring that you provide the required fields. All of the fields can be edited after creating the ERG.
  1. Define at least one ERG Lead, and add any founding Members and Executive Sponsors.
    1. All new ERGs must have at least one ERG Lead, as only ERG Leads can edit basic ERG information.
    2. 💡
      Tip: If you’d like to set up the ERG for your team, make yourself the first ERG Lead!
  1. Click “Save” to create the ERG

Once the ERG has been created, everyone will be able to see, join, and interact with it. Good luck to your new ERGs!

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