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How to manage your profile

Your Employee Profile exists to show what ERGs you’re a member of and share a bit more about yourself.

To find your Employee Profile, head to Team → My Profile in the navigation bar.

To edit your Employee Profile, click the “Edit” button. Once you’ve edited your profile, save your changes by clicking “Save”

Here’s an overview of what you can add to your profile:

  • Profile Picture: to add a profile picture, click the pencil below the image box to the left of your name
  • ERG Participation: In the ERG Member box, you can choose the ERGs that you’d like to be a member of. If you’re an ERG Lead, this information will also show up here, but only Program Managers can define ERG Leads.
  • Employee Details: In the employee details section, you can define your Name, Pronouns, Location, Email Address, and Position. This is provided so that your employees know how they can best interact with you.
  • Preferred Pronouns: Below your name or in the Employee Details section, you can select your pronouns so that your employees can learn your preferences. The options include:
    • She / Her / Hers
    • He / Him / His
    • They / Them / Theirs
    • Ze / Zir / Zirs
    • She / They or He / They
    • Just say my name, please.
    • Please submit a request at if there are options that you’d like added that are not included.

  • About Me: ERGs are a place for building relationships and bringing your whole self to work. This is a place to tell your employees a bit more about yourself so they can better understand your perspective.
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