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How to Create New Expenses

If you’re an ERG Lead or Program Manager, you can create new expenses against existing ERG Budgets. Once an expense has been created, it’ll show up in the Program Manager’s Expenses for Review.

To create a new expense,

  1. Go to the ERGs tab in the Navigation bar and select the ERG you’re a Lead of
  1. Click the Budget button on the ERG page
  1. Click “+ Add New” in the Itemized Spend Tracker table
  1. Fill out the Add New Expense form with the expense name, amount, and relevant budget.
    1. If you have an event you’d like to tie the expense to, select that as well.
  1. Attach the receipt and provide any relevant notes.
  1. Click “Save”

Once an expense has been submitted, it’ll have an “Under Review” status until it has been reviewed by a Program Manager.

When an expense is Under Review or Approved, it’ll deduct the amount of the expense from the relevant budget.

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