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ERG Overview Page

The ERG Overview

The ERG Overview is the first page any user is greeted with when they engage with your ERG! So, there’s some critical things to know about it.


Here’s what someone can find on your ERG Overview:

1) Join your ERG

If someone is not yet a member of your ERG, they will see an option to join it on your ERG Overview page. You can update the short note they’ll see in your ERG Lead Hub.


2) Review your ERG’s Mission Statement

Your ERG likely has a Mission Statement or Purpose Statement: this is reflected on your ERG overview page, and is also reflected on the Verbate home page beneath your ERG’s logo.


3) Review your ERG’s Leadership team

Your ERG’s Leads and Executive Sponsor will be shown to everybody who visits your page.


4) Review your ERG’s Membership

Only existing members of the ERG will be able to see the members of your ERG on this page.


5) See Important Articles & Education

Anybody who visits your ERG will be able to see the important Articles and Education you’ve decided to share. Only ERG Leads are able to post this information to the page.

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