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Create a New Event

Only ERG Leads or Program Managers are able to create new events.

To create a new event,

  1. Head to the ERG page of the ERG hosting the event
  1. Click “Events” in the top navigation bar
  1. Click “+ Add New” in the Event Planner
  1. Fill out the New Event Form with the relevant information
    1. A few things to note as you complete this form:
      1. Hosting ERG - you’re able to define multiple ERGs if you’re co-hosting an event!
      2. ERG Goal - if you’ve defined your ERG’s Goals, you can select the goal(s) that you want to accomplish with this event.
      3. Specific ERGs - If an event is only intended for specific ERGs, you can check the box at the bottom of the Description box. A drop down box will give you the ability to select the ERGs that are relevant for this event, and only members of those ERGs will be able to discover them.
  1. Select the Event Status that’s relevant:
    1. Idea - this status will cause the event to show up in the Idea column of the event planner and nowhere else. This gives you an area to provide scratch ideas that are not yet fully formed.
    2. Planned - this status will cause the event to show up in the Planned column of the event planner and in the “Upcoming Events” navigation bar pane. Unless you’ve selected that this event is only for specific ERGs, anyone who navigates to Upcoming Events will see this event.
    3. Completed - this status will cause the event to show up in the completed column. We provide this status at the new event page in case you’d like to include previously completed events into your ERG page for historical reference.
  1. Once you’ve filled out the required fields, click “Save”. Your event will show up in the Status column you selected.
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